This demo is built and demonstrated by TensorFlowjs@0.13.5, a library for developing and training ML models in JavaScript, and deploying in browser or on Node.js

Detect faces and key points of anime characters. Training data is obtained from These Waifus Do Not Exist . With only 147 labeled train images, the model had been trained for 12 hours on GTX 1080ti and reached a accuracy of 96%.

Because the images on These Waifus Do Not Exist are all avatars so the model will be not that accuracy when playing on the whole body image.

However as I also upload checkpoints, you can continue to train if you want better accuracy or full-body detection.

Demo Image


Running the model for the first time can take a long time, because the model will not only need to be loaded from the cloud for the first time, but also needs to be warmed up.

RANDOM IMAGE button to change the test image randomly.

PREDICT button to detect image key information.

TOGGLE LAYER button to turn on or turn off canvas layer after predicting.

Highly recommended to use modern browsers such as Google Explorer or Safari and please update to the latest version for the best experience